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Professional Engineer (PE)

Rick Lodewyckis an accomplished professional electrical engineer with 40+ years of experience across various project types including academic, healthcare, commercial, and industrial power distribution. He has a comprehensive understanding of low voltage electrical systems design. In 1981, Rick founded a successful MEP/industrial engineering firm called the Campbell Design Group (CDG). After 40 years with CDG, he joined TIE as the Executive PE.

Project Experience

United States Army Corps of Engineers, Upper Mississippi Districts: 5 -year, $9 MM Contract -Program Manager and Primary Point-of-Contact for Indefinite Delivery Contract for various Civil Works projects and support for other agencies. Task orders under this contract included evaluation and recommendations for repair of lift, tainter, lock and miter gates; geophysical investigations; arc flash hazard analyses; reservoir storage and trap analyses; spillway analyses; tower analyses; foundation analyses, etc. A major project that maxed out and extended the contract by a year was for the Cedar Rapids Flood Risk Management project. Rick was the Principal-in-Charge for pump station designs for Reaches 2 & 4 of the Cedar River. Included design of levee, channel improvements and pump station modifications. This task order was over $6 MM in fees.

Cairo Port Project: Principal-in-Charge for feasibility study and conceptual design for development of a port facility on the left descending bank of the Mississippi River. Provided examination of river bottom conditions, river current conditions, barge tow traffic in the adjacent navigation channel and navigation entry and exit conditions at the proposed facility site with the intention of gathering relevant information related to navigation and safety issues associated with the proposed project and to evaluate the issues as they pertained to permit acquisition. This project is ongoing.

Ameren, Various Projects: Program Manager and Project Manager for miscellaneous A/E services contract for Ameren over a 25-year period. Project work included study and design of levee system improvements for Grand Tower Power Plant which included analysis of four pumping stations for the site. Other projects included various types of civil works, permitting, overland conveying, various pump and piping improvements, power and controls systems, etc.

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