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Meet Our Team

Cheryl Stoddard
Bob Kramer
A project’s success depends upon the strength of the team. TIE’s team of seasoned professionals bring expertise in technology systems planning, design, and project management.

Cheryl Stoddard and Bob Kramer lead the team of planners, engineers, and project managers.
T.I.E. - Delaney Craig Headshot.jpg
Ryan Kulasekara.jpg
Kayleen Smart - TIE Headshot.jpg
Kayleen Smart
Michael Forguson - TIE Headshot.jpg
Michael Forguson
Kennidy Riedemann
Esther Babajide - TIE Headshot.jpg
Rick Lodewyck Headshot.jpg
Esther Babajide
Delaney Craig
Ryan Kulasekara
Rick Lodewyk
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